It is important to get as much information from you PRIOR to your first visit with us! Follow these steps and you will be on your way to a better night sleep!

NOTE: You DO NOT need to change dentists! Once treatment is performed at our office, you will be referred back to your regular dental office. We encourage you to keep timely dental visits as well as follow-up visits with our office to monitor the efficacy of your oral appliance treatment.

• STEP 1: Click the NEW PATIENT ONLINE FORM button and fill it out completely.

• STEP 2: Print out REFERRAL FORM, fill out the top portion and sign. Give to your Physicians’ office so they may fax us the remaining information. -OR- If you have not had a sleep study and are curious about taking a Home Sleep Screening Test, fill out and submit the SLEEP SCREENING QUESTIONNAIRE

• STEP 3: Contact us to make a consultation appointment.

NOTE: if you have a Referral Reference Number from your insurance provider, please bring it to your first visit.

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